Tuesday, November 15, 2011

and for a new low in politics, we will now analyze Herman Cain's wife's pelvis for honesty

Proving that nothing is too ridiculous to get space these days, US News and World Report turns loose a body language "expert" on Gloria Cain's interview about the sexual harassment charges against her husband.

The money quote:

"Her arms are out in front of her hands, laying one over the other in her lap, which I call a blanket hand cross," Wood says. "She is protecting her pelvis, which signals her feeling like her sexual relationship with her husband has been exposed or attacked, but she is clearly not hiding anything."
Whether Cain is guilty or not, analyzing his wife protecting her pelvis from Greta van Sustern's questions is some how . . . just what you'd expect.

among the things I truly hate . . .

. . . are the times that I have to agree with Pat Buchanan.